Length Types:

• $50/15 min. Session (foot worship/other)
• $100/30 min. Session (foot worship/other)
• $200/1 hour Bronze Session (1 or 2 play types)
• $300/1 hour Silver Session (3 play types)
• $400+/Gold Session (more intimate, complex, lengthy, or strenuous sessions, at Madam Sophie’s discretion)
• $500+/Platinum Session: TWO sexy Dominants at once. Various genders.

Kink Session Types:

  1. Puppy training (become a well-behaved submissive pup!)
  2. Pony or kitten play, etc
  3. Slave positions (Gorean-based and more)
  4. FemDomme mindset training
  5. Sensory deprivation/sensory play (blindfold, ice, wax etc.)
  6. Knife/sharps play
  7. Rope bondage
  8. Collar/leash training
  9. CBT
  10. Humiliation and/or Degradation
  11. Cuckolding Roleplay: two bisexual Doms!! Session with The Dark Director AND Sophie Flame (Platinum Session, $800+)
  12. Human furniture (using you as a stool/chair etc.)
  13. Domestic service training (maid/butler etc.)
  14. TransFEMMEation session (bring out the playful femme inside you)
  15. Pain play/pain training (from beginner levels and upward)
  16. Impact play (canes/crops/floggers/paddles, single tails, etc.)
  17. Spanking (over the knee, open hand, and more)
  18. Cigarettes/Smoking
  19. JOI/CEI
  20. Double Domme sessions with Madam C. (TWO sexy FemDommes at once. Platinum Session, $800+)
  21. Massage

Have a different idea? Ask me politely if I might consider your kinky session idea. Text (804) 592-1536 to make polite requests to Sophie directly.